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LED Tent Lights

Super bright portable LED lights for a pop-up canopy

Premium SUPER bright 400 Lumen Epic light sets for canopies and event umbrellas. Illuminate the interior of your event displays with our exclusive line of LED canopy lights that are cordless, portable, and rechargeable.

LED lighting tent Kit

Easily and securely attaches to canopy and umbrella frames. Extremely durable with magnetic end-caps and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. LED lighting sets come with everything needed including lights, clips to attach to frames, and USB charging kits.

10x10 canopy lights

  • 8 hours of runtime

  • Super bright 400 Lumen LED light

  • Cordless / Portable

  • 3 light mode options

  • Durable engineered design

  • Simple 1 button operation

  • Use & Charge simultaneously

  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

  • Micro USB / AC charging kit

  • 2 versatile attachment clips

Be Noticed. Be Branded. Be Epic!

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