Custom Event Tents

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Our custom printed tents get brands and businesses noticed, while also being the most durable, vibrant, and functional canopies on the market.  

This is accomplished by using the highest quality tent fabric materials, that are rated as fire retardant, water repellent, and UV coated. We produce custom tents in over 10 different sizes, from 5' sizes up to over 20' in size.

Custom Logo Tents by Epic Advertising allow for graphics on every side of the canopy tent top. There are no limitations to the customization and the graphics you can have on your canopy and tent walls. We have revolutionized the way custom EZ UP tents with printing are made, and have brought these products to a whole new level.

Screen printing and vinyl materials are a thing of the past, as we manufacture on the strongest
coated polyester available and print in full color with the latest heat transfer technologies.

Not only is our printing a step above from the competition, but so are our premium pop-up tent frames. With several series of frames to choose from, you will be set-up with the right fit for your event or locations needs. All of our frames are a huge step up from the standard ez~up style of frame, going all the way up to our flagship Aluma-Hex series frame.

Whether you are in need of a traditional shaped event tent, kiosk tent, dome tent, or inflatable tent, we make the style that will fit your needs. Commercial grade tent sets are our specialty, and we look forward to working with you on creating branding, visibility, and excitement for all your future events.

001.jpg 01-10x10foot-fullwallset.jpg 02-10x20foot.jpg

03-10x15foot-fullsidewalls-customwindows.png 04-8x12foot-backwall.jpg 05-10x10foot-backwall-tablecover.jpg

05-EPIC-10x10-EventTent-Dome.jpg 05-Inflatable Dome 1.jpg 06-10x10foot-tablecover2.jpg

07-10x10foot-fullwallset.jpg 08-10x10foot-fullwallset.jpg 09-10x10foot-wall.jpg

1-WGNO-8x12 Tent-3.jpg 10-10x15foot.jpg 10x15 Fire dept.1.jpg

11-10x20foot-wall.jpg 12-10x10foot-fullwallset.jpg 13-10x10foot-fullwallset.jpg

14-10x10foot.jpg 15-10x10foot.jpg 16-10x15foot-fullwallset.jpg

17-10x10foot-trio.png 18-10x10tents-withsidewalls.jpg 19-10x10foot.png

20-10x20foot.png 20180729_092234.jpg 20190101_115349.jpg

21-5x5foot-tablecover.jpg 22-10x10foot.jpg 23-10x10foot.jpg

24-10x20foot.jpg 25-10x10foot1.jpg 26-10x10foot-backwall-flags-tablecover.jpg

27-10x10foot-tablecover.jpg 28-10x10foot.jpg 29-10x10foot-tablecover.jpg

30-10x20foot.jpg 31-10x10foot-tablecover.jpg 32-10x10foot-tablecover-banner.jpg

33-8x8foot-fullwallset1.jpg 34-10x10foot-sidewall.jpg 35-MS-2.jpg

37-10x10foot-tentlights-tablecovers.png 38-5x5foot .png 39-10x10foot.jpg

40-10x10foot-tablecover.jpg 41-10x10foot-pair.jpg 42-10x10foot-flags-tablecover-backwall.jpg

43-10x10foot-walls.jpg 44-10x15foot-walls.jpg 45-10x10foot-tablecovers.jpg

46-10x10foot-full walls.jpg 47-dome-teardropflags-tablecover-bannerstand.png 48-10x20foot-tablecovers.png

49-10x10foot.jpg 50-10x20foot-backwall.png 51-10x10foottents-popupsigns-skyflags.png

52-startent.png 53-10x10-fullwallset-tablecover.jpg 54-10x10foot-backwall-tablecover.jpg

55-10x10foot-pair-fullwallset-tablecovers.png 57-highpeakmarque-backwall-marketumbrellas.png 59-10x10foot-featherflag.jpg

60-8x12foot.jpg 61-10x10foot-backwall-tablecover.jpg 62-10x10foot-tablecovers.jpg

63-10x10foot-fullwallset-tablecovers-teardropflag-banner-bannersstand.jpg Kaiser - 10x20 Green.jpg Lean Feast Corona 10x10-1.jpg

SBF-1.jpg Temecula Homebrewers 10x10.jpg Tesla 10x15 B.jpg