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Feather Flags are a great way to get noticed, create branding, or turn attention towards a location or event. 

But not all flags are created equal, and Epic Advertising specializes in custom advertising flags that stand above the rest.  Retail flags are extremely popular today, but there are very big differences between the quality of flags being made.  The majority of flags being sold are low quality imports that fade quickly, have poles that break, and will have the flag tear at the top and fall down the poles. Feather Flags by Epic Advertising are different, and this difference is a printing and manufacturing process that produces the highest quality flags available.

Epic's line of Feather Flags consist of premium commercial grade poles, die cast bases and
stands, full color printed flags on the premium polyester, and UV treated prints that resist
fading. Your new flags will stand out above the rest, and will outlast the competition.

We manufacture flags from as small as 6' and as large as 20'.  We also make table top flags and flags that attach to event tents.  We produce our flags in various shapes to give options for unique branding, and print true double-sided flags with a block out material that keeps light from penetrating through the flags.  There are no limitations to the graphics that can be displayed on our Feather Flags, and our full service graphics department can work with you to create the flags that are truly Epic.

01-05he.jpg 01-14foot-feather-doublesided.png 02-16foot-sky-doublesided.jpg

03-teardrop-doublesided.jpg 033-spark.jpg 04-16foot-sky-singlesided.png

05-16foot-feather-doublesided.png 06-20foot-sky-doublesided.jpg 07-11foot-teardrop-doublesided.jpg

08-14foot-teardrop-doublesided.png 09-14foot-feather-doublesided.png 10-16foot-feather-doublesided.jpg

11-16foot-sky-doublesided.png 12-17foot-teardrop.png 13-17foot-feather-doublesided-.jpg

14-14foot-feather-doublesided.jpg 15-14foot-teardrop-doublesided.jpg 16-14foot-teardrop-doublesided.png

17-14foot-teadrop-doublesided.png 18-14foot-teardrop-singlesided.png 19-14foot-teardrop-singlesided.png

20-20foot-sky-singlesided.png 21-17foot-teardropandfeather-doublesided.png 22-14foot-singlesided.png

23-16foot-sky-singlesided.png 24-20foot-sky-singlesided.png 25-14foot-feather-singlesided.jpg

26-16foot-feather-singlesided.png 27-16foot-feather-singlesided.png CO.jpg

Mesa Tear Drop Flags 3.jpg