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Custom Privacy Booth

Custom pop up privacy booth

Our clients challenge was having new equipment that required privacy when used, but may also be moved to different locations within the club.  The request of us was to come up with a solution that would give privacy for their clientele using the equipment, while also providing branding for the benefits of the machine and being easily moveable.

Cardio workout gym equipment

The EPIC solution was a twist on our popular fitting rooms.  We already make portable branded fitting rooms, but they were made in a standard size and shape.  We took this fitting room concept and created and custom size and shape to perfectly work with the client equipment.  The result was a fully branded privacy booth that is easy to relocate as needed.

Fit 3d popup changing room

Interest in the equipment is now up due to the information and branding that is printed on the booth, and the user experience has been enhanced with the privacy of being inside the booth.

Be Noticed. Be Branded. Be Epic!

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