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Custom Pop-Up Tents for Any Event

A 10x20 custom pop-up tent for woodlley shooting
10 x 10 custom pop up tent for murrieta mesa special olympics

Customized Event Tents to Boost Your Brand’s Visibility

In the competitive world of events, making a lasting impression is crucial. One of the most effective marketing investments your business can make is an eye-catching custom event tent. At Epic Advertising, we offer the most durable, user-friendly, and visually striking custom pop-up tents and canopy tents available today.

Our custom pop-up tents are perfect for a wide variety of events, including corporate functions, sports meets, trade shows, weddings, and numerous other outdoor gatherings and special occasions. With a diverse range of custom packages, we ensure a perfect fit for every need—no matter the size or style.

Why Choose Our Custom Event Tents?

Whether you need protection from the elements or want to ensure your brand stands out in a crowd, our customized canopies deliver. Simply select the retractable frame size and style that best fits your application, and our professional graphic designers will work with you to create a unique and impactful custom event tent.

Comprehensive Customization Options

Epic Advertising, trusted by local and international brands since 2009, offers an extensive array of customization options, including retractable banners for extra advertising space, feather flags to elevate your visibility, and lights to ensure you stand out even after dark, to create the most effective marketing package for your needs. Explore our range of custom event tents today and discover how we can help elevate your brand’s presence at any event.

Why Epic's Marketing Canopy Tents Stand Out?

High-Durability Frames For Custom Printed Pop-Up Tents

Our tent frames are available in various materials to match your application and budget. From entry-level deluxe steel to ultra-aluminum hex, we offer frames to suit every need. Each frame comes with a full warranty, backed by Epic Advertising’s commitment to exceed expectations. We guarantee timely delivery and exceptional quality with every project.

Located in Southern California, our team of marketing, design, and production professionals brings over 25+ years of industry experience. We proudly serve numerous professional sports teams, national organizations, and Fortune 500 companies, as well as hundreds of small businesses, schools, and local sports clubs. Whatever your needs, Epic Advertising has the perfect custom pop-up tent for you.

High-Quality Printing & Inks for Vibrant Tents

Creating an impactful custom event tent requires top-notch printing and high-quality inks. At Epic Advertising, we use advanced printing processes to deliver durable, vibrant, and eye-catching custom printed pop-up canopies.

How Our Advanced Printing Process Works:

  • Dye Sublimation for Lasting Quality: We use dye sublimation, applying heat to transfer inks deep into the tent fabric. This method ensures colors remain vibrant and logos stay intact without fading.
  • High-Grade UV Inks for Fade Resistance: Our UV inks are coated for enhanced durability, resisting fading even under prolonged sunlight exposure.
  • Printing ‘In’ Rather Than ‘On’: By infusing ink into the material, we avoid common issues like cracking and peeling, ensuring long-lasting quality.

Unlimited Customization Options

  • Limitless Graphic and Color Options: With our advanced processes, your imagination is the only limit. We offer unlimited graphic and color options for producing your event canopy, allowing for complete personalization.
  • Full-Color Matching and Double-Sided Printing: You’re not restricted to a basic color grid or swatch. We provide full-color matching to ensure your brand colors are precisely replicated. Plus, our double-sided printing option means your design can be seen from all angles.
  • Stand Out with Fluorescent Colors: To make your custom tent truly stand out, we also offer the option to print in fluorescent colors, adding an extra level of visibility and appeal.

Personalized Pop-Up Tents For Events

Premiums Frames: Ensuring Your Custom Canopy Tent Last

Here’s How to Get Pricing on Your Project

Tent Options

Two people sitting on electric drift trikes at an outdoor promotional event under a branded tent

Event Tent Booths

Custom tent booths are a must at most events and shows. Custom canopy booths will grab attention, showcase your brand, and give a setting for displaying your products and meeting with visitors. Booth combinations can include walls, table covers, flags, tension stands, podiums, chairs and backdrops.

Inflatable Dome Tent

Inflatable Tents

Stand out from the masses at your next event with Epics custom line of Inflatable Tents. We’ve been specializing in inflatable tents since 2009 and make them in sizes starting at 10’ and going up to as large as requested. All inflatable tents come with custom printing and can include awnings, walls, and other custom accessories. We specialize in both sealed air inflatables and cold air inflatables.

stock tent with horizontal stripes

Stock Tents

In addition to our custom-printed canopy tent tops, we also offer a full line of top quality stock-color tent tops. These stock-color tent tops are also made of high-quality fabric materials similar to our custom tops, and are water-repellent and UV coated. These are in stock and ready to ship, and at our lowest price point since they are solid colors without customization.

Master Spas 10x20 w Full Walls

10’x20′ Tent Size

Our 10×20 Tent size comes in both a commercial grade Steel frame option and a commercial grade Aluminum hex frame option. The Epic 10×20 size canopy is one of the largest canopy sizes in our line of pop-ups, and is very popular with schools, sports teams, and for outdoor events.

Carlisle Crossfit 10x15

10’x15′ Tent Size

Our 10×15 Tent size comes in both a commercial grade Steel frame option and a commercial grade Aluminum frame option. The canopy top comes with unlimited custom graphics on all sides and is made with waterproof, fire retardant, and UV coated materials.

10x10 Tent with 6' Table Cover 3

10’x10′ Tent Size

Our most highly requested and popular size is the 10×10 pop-up canopy. We make a true 10×10 size with a straight leg frame in 5 different frame options to choose from. All Epic canopy tops comes with unlimited custom graphics on all sides of the tent and is made with waterproof, fire retardant, and UV coated materials.

8’x12′ Tent Size

8’x12′ Tent Size

The 8×12 Tent size is a unique size and Epic is one of the few companies to make this special size. Gives some added length over the standard 10’ size, without take up extra space with the depth of the tent. The 8×12 gives a nice rectangular shape and is available in our commercial grade Steel series frame.

8’x8′ Tent Size

8’x8′ Tent Size

The 8×8 Tent size is a very versatile size with it taking up a little less space then the 10×10, but still having plenty of display size. The 8×8 canopy size comes in our commercial grade Steel series frame.

5’x5′ Tent Size

5’x5′ Tent Size

The 5×5 tent size is our smallest size option in our line of canopies. It is a great size option when a small space is required or for 1-person style booths. The 5×5 size is easily portable and quick to set-up. This size is offered in our Aluminum hex frame style and also our premium Steel frame style.

dome event tents

Dome Event Tents

Our Epic line of Dome Tents is a unique twist on the traditional style canopies. With the rounded style shape and the curved entrances, these Dome Tents are an attention grabber at any event or show. Options and accessories on our Dome Tents include multiple sizes, awnings, and full walls. All sections of the tent can be custom printed with unlimited custom graphics and is made with waterproof, fire retardant, and UV coated materials.

20x20 pop-up canopy frame

20’x20’ Pop-Up Canopy

The canopy is a full digitally printed top that allows for unlimited colors and graphics. The canopy material is the premium 600d coated polyester that is water repellant, UV coated, fire retardant, and weather resistant. With 400 square feet of coverage and extra head clearance, Epic’s 20×20 tents are the go to choice for large scale commercial events and where a bigger footprint is needed.

Retractable steel frame for event tent

EPIC Tent Frames

Epic Advertising offers its own exclusive line of 5 different styles of frames. Every frame option we produce is a heavy-duty high-grade frame, but there are different levels of materials, durability, and warranties. We produce our frames with upgraded components and features exclusive to the Epic series of frames. From our base model Deluxe Steel frame to our virtually indestructible Ultimate Ultra Hex Aluminum frame, we have you and your events covered.

Frame Types

Outdoor mesh food vending set

Food Vending Mesh Wall Set

Premium mesh tent walls for food service and vendor tent displays. The highest grade quality mesh screen 10×10 size full tent walls, with windows, zippers, and rated as fire retardant.

Ultra Aluminum Hex frame for pop up tent

Ultra Aluminum Hex Frame

The name says it all; this is the ULTIMATE in pop-up tent frames. They don’t come any stronger or better than this. With 2.25” hexagon shaped legs, metal brackets throughout and the longest warranty in the industry, this frame will do the job in any conditions and last the test of time.

Aluminum Hex frame for event tent

Commercial Aluminum Hex Frame

Our most popular series of frame due to its strength combined with it also being lightweight. Hexagonal-shaped legs and upgraded foot pads increase the durability and stability of the frame over others.

Steel Frame for canopy teny

Commercial Grade Steel Frame

An upgrade to the traditional steel style frames by enhancing this series of frames into a true commercial grade frame. Increased leg size and strength combined with large metal foot pads make this frame superior to the traditional square-leg style steel tent frames.

Premium steel frame for event tents

Premium Steel Frame

Our premium steel frame remains very budget friendly while adding several enhancements to our deluxe steel frame. A hammer tone finish along with the ability to raise and tension the center of the tent top are a few of the upgrades.

Heavy duty steel frame for canopy

Deluxe Steel Frame

The deluxe steel frame is our entry-level frame, with steel legs and cross bars, push button connections and spring-loaded peak pole. This may be our entry-level frame, but it is a huge upgrade from the style of frames sold in retail stores and the standard style frames sold from the big box companies.

Enhance Your Event Tents with Essential Accessories

  • Stakes & Anchors
  • Leg Banners
  • Custom Removable Wall Banners
  • Pop-Up Awnings
  • Weight Sets

If you have any questions about our custom tents, fabrics, frames, or printing options, please contact us. We are here to help you select the perfect custom event tent from our wide range of products.

Be Noticed. Be Branded. Be Epic!

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FAQ's About Custom Event and Pop-Up Tents

What are the benefits of custom event tents?

Custom event tents offer tailored branding, high visibility, and versatility for various events, enhancing your promotional efforts and ensuring your brand stands out.

Can I customize the canopy of the tent?

Yes, you can customize your canopy by selecting the size and style of retractable frame that suits your application and working with professional graphic designers to create your own custom event tent. 

Can I customize the design of my pop-up tent?

Yes, our pop-up tents can be fully customized with your brand’s logos, colors, and messaging to ensure a unique and impactful presence at any event.

Why should I choose Epic Advertising for pop up tents?

Epic Advertising has been manufacturing and supplying custom pop-up tents since 2009 and offers high-durability frames, high-quality printing and inks, and a wide range of customization options.

What materials are used in your custom event tents?

We use high-quality materials such as deluxe steel and ultra-aluminum hex for our tent frames, ensuring durability and longevity.

Are your custom tents suitable for all weather conditions?

Our custom tents are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including sun, rain, and wind, providing reliable shelter and protection for your events.

What sizes are available for pop-up tents?

Available sizes include 10’x20’, 10’x15’, 10’x10’, 8’x12’, 8’x8’, and 5’x5’, among others, suitable for different types of events and space requirements

Are there any unique pop up tent tents offered?

Yes, Epic Advertising offers unique designs such as Dome Event Tents and Inflatable Tents, which come with custom printing and can include various accessories.

Do you offer accessories for custom event tents?

Yes, we offer a wide range of accessories including roller bags, custom flags, removable wall banners, and canopy lighting to enhance the functionality and appearance of your event tent.

How can I get a quote for a custom event tent?

You can easily request a detailed price quote by clicking the “Get My Quote Now” button on our website or contacting our customer service team directly.

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