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Custom Advertising Flags

Elevate Your Brand Presence with Durable Advertising Banners

With 25 years of experience, specializes in custom advertising flags and other effective marketing display products for diverse industries such as real estate, car dealerships, and more. Our commitment to tailored solutions ensures that each client’s brand stands out, especially with our custom advertising flags, designed to capture attention in any crowded event or show.

We’re not just any business; our dedication to crafting unique marketing strategies and practices has set us apart. By focusing on print advertising, particularly custom advertising flag banners, we offer a simple yet powerful tool for visibility. Our high-quality printing process ensures these flags withstand sunlight and maintain their vibrant colors over time, providing an unmatched outdoor advertising experience.

Advertising wind flags with custom branding planted on a beach

Enhance Visibility with High-Quality Flag Designs

We offer a wide range selection of custom advertising flags and feather banners which include:

  • Wall Flags
  • Traditional Flags
  • Car Flags
  • Garden Flags
  • Retail Flags & MORE…

Be Noticed. Be Branded. Be Epic!

Our custom advertising displays are popular for trade shows, grand openings, retail visibility, indoor and outdoor use, and more. They draw attention to your business without you needing to do anything. They are perfect for catching the attention of bystanders who are walking around in crowded areas, driving by your business, or who did not know the who, what, where, and when of your business in the first place. Our graphic design and printing team are more than happy to work with you and develop your creative ideas.

automotive advertising flags with custom branding

Wall Flags & Traditional Shaped Flags

Promote with custom wall, banners, and traditional flags in sizes 2'x3', 3'x5', 4'x6', or any custom size. Full digital color, double-sided printing, and various finishing options available

Sky Flags

Rectangular, tall, with a top armbar for constant display. Perfect for outdoor events, up to 20' high, custom single/double-sided printing, various bases, and unique tent mounting. Be noticed and branded epically. Request a free quote!

Tear Drop Style Flags

Sought-after for events & trade shows with a wider, open body & taut structure for a constantly readable surface. Lightweight & mobile, perfect for attracting attention indoors.

Feather Style Flags

Popular, durable feather flags designed to stand out. Weather-resistant, fade-resistant, and built for any occasion. Ensure your brand shines and lasts for years. Get noticed with our epic flags!

Discover Our Specialized Printing Process

Our specialized printing process is called dye sublimation. The process lets our printers produce epically vibrant and full colors which creates unlimited colorful possibilities for our clients. The ink is printed into the material – other processes place it on the surface. Dye sublimation foregoes the liquification of the ink and embeds the ink into the fibers of our flags, producing a nearly indestructible print. This allows for double-sided printing that can reach audiences from any direction. The method also prevents the print from cracking or peeling away from the custom flag. This creates a sense of high-quality professionalism that can only be felt with our printing.

Most of our flags are printed using polyester fabric, though other fabric options and vinyl are also available. With our printing method, the flags and banners’ life expectancy is many years. Our use of UV ink allows our products to be more fade-resistant than any other flags on the market, making our product one of the longest-lasting.

Choosing the Right Base for Every Terrain

We provide flag bases for every occasion and every terrain. Whether it is sand, concrete, dirt, street, or grass, our flag stands will not falter. We have auger bases, ground stake bases, driver-over bases, indoor hard surface bases, and outdoor pavement bases to suit your needs.

Auger bases are primarily used in the sand, but they can also be used on grass to ensure the flags do not fall. Our auger bases are constructed from high-quality plastic and have a clip-in feature when you insert the pole into the base, making the flag as sturdy as possible.

Ground stake bases are perfect for grass and soil, and because of its minimally invasive installation process, the ground will look just as good as when you arrived in your area. It securely fastens our custom feather flags and is as sturdy as your flags are beautiful.

Drive-over bases are wonderful for areas with high-traffic areas. The base has a flattened area that is meant to be stabilized and held by a car tire. It is best for parking lots or gas stations where there are no available spaces for posting flags.

For pavement bases and outdoor hard surfaces, our heavy-duty metal stands are stable, reliable, and durable. Special weighted covers can be added to these bases for extra stability. Our outdoor bases are top-of-class and have set the standard for keeping flags secure and balanced when on concrete.

Epic Advertising’s flag bases are available in all different shapes and sizes and for all different occasions. Each base has exceptional properties and is the best on the market today. We are determined to make our clients stand out from the crowd with our flags and bases. If you have any more questions about our products, please give us a call and we will do all we can to make your flags and banners stand out from the rest.

Stand out from the crowd with custom advertising flags banners and signs for your business. The process is super easy and completely customizable down to the size, height, design, and graphics that best suit your visual communication and branding needs. Get your customized flags and banners for your next event from Epic Advertising. We take care of everything and work with you to get your final design right and ready for installation.

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