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Crunch Garden Grove Pre-Sale

Crunch Fitness enrollment banner

The clients requested objective was to take their unmarked temporary trailer location and turn it into a can’t-miss fully branded unit that is a beacon to anyone in the area.  We were also requested to outdo a competing site with trailer graphics already up about 1 mile away.

Trailer before sign

Using special fabric we printed and installed a trailer wrap that encompassed the entire trailer unit from top to bottom and on all 4 sides.  We also fabricated 2 large custom cut logo signs, and built special frames to securely have them mounted where they went up and over the trailer roof line.

Custom sign installation

The end product was a completely custom sales center with 360 degrees of branding and a unit that is impossible to miss from any vantage point of the major intersection and shopping center.

Large fitness sign attached to trailer

The results have been phenomenal with record breaking foot traffic and pre-sales.  The unit far outdoes the competition while also looking better due to using the fabric to make the wrap as compared to vinyl which has a cheaper shiny plastic look to it.  Client has stated that it is saving them thousands per month in large monument style signage that they would typically pay for and need at this type of location, but are not having to pay for because of the graphics package we completed.

Crunch Fitness custom trailer finished product

Be Noticed. Be Branded. Be Epic!

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