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Tear Drop Style Flags

Teardrop banners are another sought after style. With a wider and more open body than the feather banner, and a taut structure, teardrops are great for indoor or outdoor events, as well as trade shows. Instead of a constantly moving flag, this style flag always has the flag stretched straight with a readable surface. Put any graphic on our teardrop flags and it will catch the attention of customers walking by. Another amazing feature that makes it popular is an extremely lightweight pole which allows for more mobility when traveling to and from events.

Ideal for indoor events, and events with limited space, teardrop flags are made with the same quality, fabric, and care as our other products for your business advertising. Teardrop flags have a shorter pole height and are lightweight to carry. Additionally, our custom teardrop flags are versatile enough to attach to an event tent, fencing, or simply stand-alone.

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Wall Flags & Traditional Shaped Flags

Wall flags, banner flags, and traditional style flags are great for promotions, giveaways, and swag. Wall flags which are often referred to us promo flags typically come in sizes of 2’x3’, 3’x5’, and 4’x6’, but we can custom make these to any size. Printed in full digital color and available in double sided printing with the same design on each side or a different design on each side of the flag. Traditional shaped flags can come in stock images such as the American flag or state flags but can also be custom printed in any design. Multiple finishing options are available for flag poles, wall mounting, or framing. We use state-of-the-art dye sublimation to produce our flags and they are top quality including being scratch resistant and washable. Advertising flags and banners are an amazing opportunity to increase the visibility of your business. They do the talking before you even see your customer.

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Sky Flags

Sky flags are our rectangular shaped flags. With a long and tall body, and a top arm bar to keep the flag open at all times, this is a popular choice for outdoor events. This style flag is ideal for the taller flag options and can go up to 20’ in height. Sky flags can be custom printed in single sided or true double sided graphics, and have multiple options of bases to choose from. Sky flags can also be mounted to our custom event tents with our unique tent flag bracket system.

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Feather Style Flags

The custom feather flag is one of the most popular styles we carry. With its height, steady movement, and sturdy pole, this design presents a large amount of information before a visitor even gets to your event stand. They stand out from the crowd. These flags are weather resistant and can last many years. Our high-quality printing and manufacturing process ensure durability for any weather and occasion. Our products are fade-resistant and designed not to tear, rip, or fall apart.

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