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Sky Flags

Sky flags are our rectangular-shaped flags. With a long and tall body and a top armbar to keep the flag open at all times, this is a popular choice for outdoor events. This style of advertising flag is ideal for the taller flag options and can go up to 20’ in height. Sky flags can …

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Tear Drop Style Flags

Teardrop banners are another sought-after style of advertising flag. With a wider and more open body than the feather banner and a taut structure, teardrops are great for indoor or outdoor events, as well as trade shows. Instead of a constantly moving flag, this style of flag always has the flag stretched straight with a …

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Feather Style Flags

The custom feather flag is one of the most popular styles we carry. With its height, steady movement, and sturdy pole, this design presents a large amount of information before a visitor even gets to your event stand. They stand out from the crowd. These advertising flags are weather resistant and can last many years. …

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