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Custom Privacy Booth

Custom pop up privacy booth

Our clients challenge was having new equipment that required privacy when used, but may also be moved to different locations within the club.  The request of us was to come up with a solution that would give privacy for their clientele using the equipment, while also providing branding for the benefits of the machine and being easily moveable.

Cardio workout gym equipment

The EPIC solution was a twist on our popular fitting rooms.  We already make portable branded fitting rooms, but they were made in a standard size and shape.  We took this fitting room concept and created and custom size and shape to perfectly work with the client equipment.  The result was a fully branded privacy booth that is easy to relocate as needed.

Fit 3d popup changing room

Interest in the equipment is now up due to the information and branding that is printed on the booth, and the user experience has been enhanced with the privacy of being inside the booth.

Be Noticed. Be Branded. Be Epic!

Murrieta Mesa HS Football

Football team running out of tunnel

Murrieta Mesa High School’s  request of us was to take products they had seen at other sporting events, but make them more unique, custom, and crowd-exciting than what the norm was from other schools.

Fully custom 25 foot ram mascit

 We created a 25’ fully custom ram mascot replica with incredible detail and custom printing on the tunnel section.  Also included was special tubing through the inflatable connected to a programmable smoke machine that will blow smoke/fog through the nose of the inflatable.

Inflatable ram tunnel for high school football team

Standing at 21’ tall by 25’ long, with enough room in the tunnel to house the football team for on-field introductions, and with the effects of the smoke billowing out of the front of the inflatable, this display quickly became the benchmark for high school sports in the inland empire.  This inflatable has been used for multiple sports and for both indoor and outdoor events.


The second aspect for this schools sporting events displays was a massive run-through banner, but one that could be re-used for years to come, as compared to the paper ones that only last for one use.

We are Mesa team run thru banner

Using lightweight but very durable fabric material, we fabricated a fully custom digitally printed break-through banner the gives the appearance to the crowd of being 1 huge banner, but separates in the middle as the team runs through it.  Light weight to be easily held up at games, but durable enough material to last for years to come.

Be Noticed. Be Branded. Be Epic!

EcoXGear Trailer Conversion

EcoXGear Trade Show Trailer Display

The clients challenge was in having a conversion type trailer for shows with lots of moving parts, but needed a functional wrap that could work with all of the intricacies of the trailer while giving it a professional show look.

Ecoxgear wall sign

The trailer was based in San Diego but being moved to Las Vegas for the show, so the graphic solution needed to be portable and easy to install and remove.

Ecoxgear conversion sign

Using special fabrics and finishing on the fabric, we were able to create panels, walls, and banners that fit with each section.  All were easy to install and remove, but had a very pro look when installed.  Double sided graphics on the rooftop deck, a full wrap around the exterior, and graphics that velcro’d to the interior walls to give a look like they were a standard part of the trailer.

EcoXGear Trade Show Trailer outside view

The results were amazing with compliments throughout the show and a great exhibit display.  This unit could not be missed at the show and quickly became a booth that everyone want to visit.  By using the methods and product solutions that we did, we saved the client thousands from having to put on a vinyl wrap and then having to have that vinyl wrap removed after the show.  Many of the printed panels are also reusable for potential future uses.

Be Noticed. Be Branded. Be Epic!

Crunch Garden Grove Pre-Sale

Crunch Fitness enrollment banner

The clients requested objective was to take their unmarked temporary trailer location and turn it into a can’t-miss fully branded unit that is a beacon to anyone in the area.  We were also requested to outdo a competing site with trailer graphics already up about 1 mile away.

Trailer before sign

Using special fabric we printed and installed a trailer wrap that encompassed the entire trailer unit from top to bottom and on all 4 sides.  We also fabricated 2 large custom cut logo signs, and built special frames to securely have them mounted where they went up and over the trailer roof line.

Custom sign installation

The end product was a completely custom sales center with 360 degrees of branding and a unit that is impossible to miss from any vantage point of the major intersection and shopping center.

Large fitness sign attached to trailer

The results have been phenomenal with record breaking foot traffic and pre-sales.  The unit far outdoes the competition while also looking better due to using the fabric to make the wrap as compared to vinyl which has a cheaper shiny plastic look to it.  Client has stated that it is saving them thousands per month in large monument style signage that they would typically pay for and need at this type of location, but are not having to pay for because of the graphics package we completed.

Crunch Fitness custom trailer finished product

Be Noticed. Be Branded. Be Epic!

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