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20’x20’ Pop-Up Canopy

20'x20' pop-up canopy frame

Custom Printing

Epic Advertising is a production leader in the highly sought-after 20×20 size custom canopy. We manufacture our canopy set as a very functional and easy-to-set-up unit that includes a pop-up style frame with a full-color canopy tent top.

20x20 commerial tent done for WalMart

Most Highly Sought After Pop-Up Canopy

The exclusive high-quality 20 by 20 pop-up tent frame is our Ultra Aluminum 50mm hexagon frame with all metal connections. This super heavy-duty frame is the ultimate strength, but it is still in the quicker-to-set-up pop-up style.

The canopy is a fully digitally printed top with unlimited colors and graphics. The canopy material is the premium 600d coated polyester that is water repellant, UV coated, fire retardant, and weather resistant. With 400 square feet of coverage and extra head clearance, Epic’s 20×20 tents are the go-to choice for large-scale commercial events and where a bigger footprint is needed.

Our industry-best pricing combined with our quality and service is what has set us apart from the competition as the #1 supplier of 20×20 custom canopies.

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Enhance your outdoor gathering with Epic Advertising’s 20’x20′ pop-up canopy tents. At Epic Advertising, we are committed to delivering excellence in both product quality and customer service, focusing on creating solutions that perfectly match a wide array of event types. Our large 20’x20′ tents provide lots of space and easy setup, making them perfect for big outdoor events.

Epic Advertising’s 20’x20′ canopies provide a generous 400 square feet of sheltered space, perfect for large gatherings, business expos, or any outdoor event requiring a substantial, protected area. Crafted for convenience, these tents are designed to be effortlessly assembled and dismantled, ensuring that their significant size never becomes a hindrance to mobility or storage.

Understanding the importance of visual appeal, we offer these canopies in various colors, enabling you to choose one that complements your branding or event theme seamlessly. For those aiming to make an even stronger impact, we offer customization options, including roof printing, to enhance your visibility and leave a memorable impression on event attendees

To cater to every event’s unique demands, we also provide additional accessories such as side walls. These accessories not only offer added protection from weather elements but also increase privacy when needed, further ensuring the success of your event.

Choosing a 20’x20′ tent from Epic Advertising means selecting a blend of durability, style, and functionality. Our tents are not just temporary shelters but transformative spaces designed to elevate any outdoor event into an unforgettable experience.

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